Abanico Coraz贸n 馃挌- Only available for Venezuela Shipping

Abanico Coraz贸n 馃挌- Only available for Venezuela Shipping

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Our聽Canna聽collection "Abanicos" is聽 completely handmade, 100% organic out of Moriche-Palm-tree.聽The palm鈥檚 core is dried and cut into thin stripes that take the shape of the product.聽

We celebrate this connection beyond the stars!

  • 100%聽 made of date palm straw
  • Measurements: Height 36 x width聽30 cm


Wayuulove combines a perfect fusion between an authentic聽 Venezuelan ethnic art expression and a deep passion for fashion. We love going back to our roots and create new designs and color schemes, mixing a unique handcrafted art work with a fashion twist, translating them into pieces that women love to wear with a contemporary style all season long. This is what drives us.
Wayuulove was launched in 2015, in Caracas after a trip made to the Venezuelan Guajira. We fell in love with the聽colors of this dry land, the rich imaginary and the culture, that inspired us to start this amazing journey with the help of artisans, family and friends.聽 We made a dream come true in a beautiful聽 project involving fashion and the development of a business in Venezuela, rescuing, remarking and trascending a forgotten art.
The collection includes: wayuuhats, wayuubags (susu bags), totes, clutches, sandals and accessories. All handcrafted in Venezuela with a clear vision of tradition and current trends, creating a product that is appealing to a fashion savvy clientele, that understand the uniqueness and value of the work.
Every piece is handmade by one person from beginning to end, in a frame of social responsibility with artisans, and all the finishings are made in Caracas and Maracaibo, in house or partnering up with different fashion designers to create our limited edition collections.
Wayuulove is currently in Venezuela, and in major cities around the world such as: Miami, New York, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rome, Madrid, San Jose and Toronto.


The Way煤u, commonly known as Guajiros, has been able to maintain their culture throughout time. They have their own language, Way煤unaiki, and live mostly in the Guajira peninsula, at the north of Colombia and northwest to Venezuela in South America .
The Wayuu families are organized in clans and unlike most ethnic societies the family system is a matriarchy .The Wayuu women are the center of the family. Their presence in the household symbolizes respect and unity.
One of the most significant aspects of the culture is that Wayuu women practice the art of weaving Mochilas (Wayuubag ) they are a symbol of creativity, intelligence and wisdom for the Way煤u community, therefore, the labor of knitting is a hereditary practice with history and plenty of emotions , passed on among many generations.


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