Sustainable, Eco & Ethically handmade pieces.

We believe in magic, passion & love #gratitude

Always Bold & Chic

Ceres is an innovative desing is one-of-a-kind, classic & very especial bag for bold, classic & unique women #limitless

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Beach to city-City to beach! Carry all your esssentials- Hottest basket of the seaso..#latinamericanart

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A flowy-bag with soul !

Our Awaraläa bag is the fusion of two spectacular and ancestral techniques of the wayuu-culture #wayuuart

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timeless-chic-pieces made with care and Love!

To me Wayuulove is the essence of our ancestral heritage and quintessential design that represents our vast diversity and the feminine art of weaving. It is an honor and a privilege to wear Wayuulove designs and embodies the brand worldwide.

Titina Penzini

Magical Sustainable & Organic Pieces to match every look!

I am a WayuuLOVE addict!

Monica Lopez

Wayuulove is Creativity and tradition fusion in fun and stylish accesories

Viviane Guenoun