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We believe in magic, passion & love #gratitude

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"Sustainable fashion for the stylish-chic, consciuos woman" #limitless

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Handwoven wonders..luxe-palm & Pompoms exclusive designs, for our nature lovers #ecofashion

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Embellish your spaces and tables with art,color and tradition. Beautiful Ethnic-Chic-Style #Homedecor

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To me Wayuulove is the essence of our ancestral heritage and quintessential design that represents our vast diversity and the feminine art of weaving. It is an honor and a privilege to wear Wayuulove designs and embodies the brand worldwide.

Titina Penzini

Magical Sustainable & Organic Pieces to match every look!

I am a WayuuLOVE addict!

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Wayuulove is Creativity and tradition fusion in fun and stylish accesories

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