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Awaraläa É Enu

$ 90.00

Awaraläa Collection

Mixing two special techniques of Wayuu Art

Handwoven by Venezuelan artisans from the Wayuu tribe

Cotton Susu bag with a straw base from the mawisa palm

Details enhance the beauty of this handbag

The design of the straw base may vary from the one of the picture

Imported product/Duties may apply


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Wayuubags (mochilas) also known as Susu. According to the legend, the tradition comes from “Wale´kerü”, a spider goddess  that taught the wayuu women how to weave her creative drawings into the Wayuubags.

Wayuulove designs are incorporated into every Wayuubag in perfect harmony, combining the uniqueness of the artisan weaver, telling a story through the bag’s colors, patterns and shape. Each bag is done solely by one person, from beginning to end, and it takes approximately 20 days of intricate work to make each one

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