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Wayuulove combines a perfect fusion between an authentic aborigin Venezuelan art expressions and a deep love for fashion. Going back to our roots and translating them into pieces that women love to wear with a contemporary style, is what drives us.

Wayuulove was launched in 2015, in Caracas, Venezuela after a trip made to the Guajiran region and the willingness of the directors to make a project involving fashion and the development of a business in Venezuela, rescuing, remarking and trascending a forgoten art.

The colors of this dry land, the rich imaginarium of a native culture inspired them to start in this amazing journey.

The brand combines the passion for design and promote a Venezuelan native product, that is 100% handmade, following traditions that go back to the roots of the Wayuu culture.

The collection includes: wayuuhats, wayuubags (susubagas), totes, clutches, sandals and accessories. All handcrafted in Venezuela with a clear vision of tradition and current trends, creating a product that is appealing to a fashion savvy clientele that understand the uniqueness and value of the work.

Every piece is handmade by one person from beginning to end, in a frame of social responsibility with artisans, and all the finishings are made in Caracas and Maracaibo, in house or partnering up with different fashion designers to create our limited edition collections.

Wayuulove is currently in Venezuela, and in major cities around the world such as: Miami, New York, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rome, Madrid, San Jose and Toronto.